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Easily create a Quiz for you and your friends, no accounts needed.

Guess who had the response to your questions!
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  1. Create a Quiz

    Fill in the group name and all your questions.
    Currently we only support open questions.

  2. Save the Admin URL

    Make sure you save the url of the admin page somewhere.
    Buttons to copy the link or mail yourself make it easy.

  3. Share the Quiz

    Share the Quiz with your friends.
    Buttons to copy the link or share using WhatsApp make it easy.

  4. Wait for responses

    Wait for your friends to fill in the Quiz. No account is needed, empty answers are not included in the Quiz.
    You need at least 2 responses to continue, although we recommend at least 3.

  5. Start the Quiz!

    Close the Quiz so people can no longer respond, afterwards you can start the Quiz.
    During the Quiz, let someone, a group or everyone guess who had the reponse to the question on the screen.
    Press the Show button to see who is right!

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